STEM pilot project

STEM engineersOn Monday some of our Cubs participated in the STEM pilot project. STEM stands for Science, technology, engineering and math.

A variety of STEM activities will allow members to explore, design, and build, perform fun experiments and make interesting discoveries. Our youth are encouraged to ask questions and develop strategies to find the solutions. Through this process, they get a firsthand experience of the scientific method and practice critical thinking skills that will benefit them in any career path they choose to pursue. Each STEM activity is designed to meet the learning aptitudes and interests of the intended age group. Children and youth will not only learn the aspects of STEM through participation, but will apply the Scouts Canada Plan, Do, Review method to fully understand how each element is applied throughout the activity.

Children and youth plan the program, execute the activity and review the process; giving them an opportunity to reflect on their new knowledge, track their own progress and continue to move towards future discoveries and experiences.

In this activity Avery, Adrienne, and Michael became paper tube engineers and built a step stone bridge out of toilet paper tubes, sand, rocks and saran wrap.


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