Cuboree 2016

Departure: Friday September 30th from Horseshoe Bay Ferry Terminal on the 5:50pm Ferry and returning on Sunday October 2nd, 2016 on the 2:45pm Ferry.

Camp Byng – a unique, 200 acre campground situated on the Sechelt Peninsula, also known as the Sunshine Coast. Camp Byng consists of 4 lodges with hulls, treed camping areas, creeks, 2 meadows with shelters, a chapel and many trails for the ultimate outdoor experience. A kilometer long ocean waterfront affords opportunities for beach activities, studying marine life and watching passing cruise ships. Since its official opening in 1922, Camp Byng has hosted thousands of Scout youth and other youth organizations.

How to get there?
Your camp begins with a 40 minute ferry ride from Horseshoe Bay to Langdale Terminal. It is a 10 minute bus drive from the ferry terminal at Langdale to Camp Byng. Leaders & Youth travelling to and from Camp Byng should be in full uniform. Casual clothes while in Camp. Group scarf must be worn at all times. 

How much will it cost?

* $50.00 per registered youth 

* $50.00 per sibling/parent helper 

* $50.00 per registered leader

Note: These fees do not include the cost of the ferry. The camp fee DOES include your bus trip to and from Camp Byng.

What activities will there be?
Cubs will rotate around eight stations: archery, fire building, knife work, Sea Scouts rope work – log pull, wiggle building and three others TBD

Who else is going?

– 1st Whistler
– 3rd Capilano
– 4th Squamish
– 6th St Agnus
– 18th Seymour
– 15th Capilano
– 10th Richmond
– Sea Scouts
– 16th Bowen Island
– Sechelt Cubs

Frequently Asked Questions and Packing List:
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