Cubs is starting for 2015

Cubs is starting soon! Here is some important information about the upcoming year: Location and Time This is unchanged from last year – BICS Multi-Purpose Room on Thursday from 6:30 to 8:00 First Meeting The first meeting will be Sept 24th at 6:30. There will be an optional parent orientation at 6pm which will include the chance to register cubs or scouts. Registration You can either register through or at the first meeting. I expect to have 18 or 24 cubs (3 or 4 sixes) Leadership Euan has passed the Akela torch over to me so he can focus on starting the Sea Scouts program. Euan, John, and Chris are remaining scouters. Jim is currently doing the scouter training course. We are always looking for new Scouters; if we have more scouters, we can accept more cubs and run better activities. If you are considering becoming a scouter, please let me know and I can give you more details. Cuboree – next weekend! We just found out about a cuboree next weekend – please see the attached flyer if you are interested in going. If we get enough interest, we will organize a water taxi.Flyer 2015 Cuboree Beavers Children … Continue Reading →